I’ve been a big fan of Bruce Henderson’s Newton Photo Scavenger Hunt posts that have been running every week on Village14 throughout this summer.

That inspired me to take on a little project this weekend.  The vast majority of everything that gets posted on Village14 is “of the moment”.  People posting about, and commenting on whatever issue is on people’s mind’s today.   Mixed in with it though are posts like Bruce’s Scavenger Hunts that will be nearly as interesting a year from now as they are today.

I’ve just added a new menu item at the top of the page – “Timeless V14”.  I’ve collected posts that came to my mind in these categories.

Newton Photo Scavenger Hunt – In the summer of 2020 Bruce Henderson published five photos every week of curious, odd, or mysterious objects that can be seen from a public place in Newton.  The contest ran all summer.  If you read down to the comments you’ll find where each of the objects are.

April Fools – April Fools stories have been an annual tradition for years on Village 14

In Memoriam – tributes to notable Newton citizens who have passed away

Newton History – Interesting local history tidbits

Odds and Ends – Misc posts that someone may want to come back to.  Please send links to your favorites and I’ll add them.

Enjoy and feel free to send me (J[email protected]) links for anything you think should be added