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This year the Feast of the Falls, the annual Upper Falls extravaganza, has been re-imagined for these crazy times we find ourselves in.  If you’ve never heard of the Feast of the Falls – here’s the story

This Sunday at 5 PM, the first 300 Upper Falls residents who go to FeastOfTheFalls.org can get free tickets to the 2020 Feast of The Falls – Takeout Edition which will be held the following Sunday, June 28 at 6 PM.    Rather than 300 people at one very long table, this year the delicious food (see menu here) will be distributed to tables in yards all over Upper Falls – dinner together and apart.

The menu has been carefully designed so that the Dunn Gaherins and Better Life Food kitchen staff can cook and prepare the packaged dinners-in-a-box a few hours ahead of time.  Each guest will pick up their dinners-in-a-box at Dunn Gaherins on the afternoon of the event, along with very simple directions for quick preparation at home.

At 6 PM, all of Upper Falls will be out in their yards and the festivities will begin with bells ringing all over Upper Falls and all of the neighbors and their backyards stitched together via video on computer and/or audio via FM radio.  We’ll put 91.3 Upper Falls Radio on the air just for the occasion.

The Feast of the Falls would not be possible this year, or any of the past years, without the unwavering financial support of the Upper Falls CDC from day one.  A bucket of thanks go out to the Upper Falls CDC for both their sponsorship of the Feast and for all the other ways they quietly work, year in and year out, for the Upper Falls.

We have lots more Feast plans up our sleeves so if you live in Upper Falls, set your alarms for 5 PM this Sunday June 21 and be sure to get tickets for your family to the 2020 Feast of the Falls – Takeout Edition.