I was cleaning out my closet today and came across a compact little book “Suburban Living At Its Best – Newton, MA”, published in 1936.  I have no idea where it came from but I think someone gave it to me because they knew I loved local history.

The author wastes no time letting us know exactly where he stands on the Garden City.  Inside the front cover their is an excerpt from an editorial from the Boston Herald:

“In the 18 square miles which constitute this city, there is probably a greater measure of physical well-being, good citizenship, efficient administration and general confidence, than in any other section of the United States.”


66 pages later it reaches its stirring finish The foregoing is an attempt to portray a community that has fulfilled its early promise, and, as The Garden City of the Commonwealth, typifies suburban living at it’s best.“.

In the intervening pages there was a fair amount of local history about the 11 villages of Newton as well as a dozen or two photos, including this one that somehow sent a chill up my spine given what we’re all up to these days.

Reading through this little handbook of self-congratulation, put a smile on my face.   I might have to get to work on the sequel “Locked Down in the Suburban Eden”.



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