It’s never been done anywhere else ever … but now it’s a Newton election year tradition.
On Wed  Oct 30, seventeen candidates running for contested City Council seats in the upcoming Newton election will take a night off from the campaign.  They’ll come down to Gregorian Rugs and tell a personal 5 minute story – no speeches, no campaigning, no policy positions – just a five minute true story from their lives.     So don’t come to meet the candidates, come to meet the people that they are.
The evening will be hosted by former Nomad Story teller Mayor Ruthanne Fuller and we’ll be featuring outgoing City Councillor John our special invited guest storyteller.
Don’t miss this great event.  It will definitely sell out so get your tickets ($10) soon.
In the meantime ….join us for the opening weekend of The Revolutionists this coming weekend at Bocca Bella Bistro in Auburndale.
Four badass women lose their heads in this hilarious and poignant comedy set during the French Revolution.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll want to build a barricade! 
Help Wanted – The Newton Nomadic Theater is looking for volunteers.  Work for one show, a few shows, or for the whole five week run.  No experience necessary.  We can use you as general crew, ticket table, or refreshments.  If you’re interested contact [email protected] for details.

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