Here are some highlights from the School Commitee’s email news:

There are no major cuts, and the budget proposal supports some program improvements.

Here are some key takeaways from the March 19th meeting:

  1. Assistant Principal positions are being added to Franklin, Mason-Rice and Angier.  
  2. Reduction of 2 elementary classrooms/teachers based on enrollment declines. Class sizes will not increase.
  3. Addition of 0.5 Full Time Employee (FTE) at Day (Student Services administrator) and 0.5 FTE at Oak Hill (teacher)
  4. Five full-time teachers are being added to our High Schools due to enrollment increases.
  5. An additional 0.5 FTE math coach and purchase of materials to support the rollout of the new elementary math curriculum, Investigations 3.0, to all grade levels. 
  6. One-time funds are being used to purchase 1,000 Chromebooks to be added to the current high school supply.

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