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Fignewtonville posted this elsewhere but it’s worthy of its own thread…

This is a huge debate in my family. I’m a pecan pie person myself. Perfect blend of nuts and sweetness, great with ice cream, keeps well, basically the best pie ever.

Folks who support pumpkin pie are nuts, since it is always made from a can and tastes like mushy rubber. Seriously, I think pumpkin pie people were denied all that was good and sweet as children. I pity them.

I’ll accept a freshly baked apple pie, crust crispy, served hot, but it doesn’t keep and too many folks have confused store bought pie as pie and not perservative filled suger bombs with too much cinnamon, which is what they really are.

I’ll accept backlava, russian tea cookies, and cheddar cheese as a change of pace dessert.

Also, Turkey tastes best when you butterfly the bird before cooking.

And finally, follow Mike Dukakis and make turkey soup.

I love Thanksgiving. Even if my inlaws screw up the cooking and consistently give me food poisoning (true story).


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