With nomination papers to run for mayor, city council and school committee are due tomorrow (Tuesday) at 5 p.m., it’s nail-biting time for anyone who wants to run for office (but still needs signatures) and for candidates who want to know if they will have competition this fall.

Here’s list as of Friday of the candidates who have been certified to run.


Office  Ward Candidate Name
Mayor Amy Mah Sangiolo
Mayor Geoffrey Woodward
Mayor Ruthanne Fuller
Mayor Scott Lennon
Ward Councilor 1 Franco Cedrone
Ward Councilor 1 Maria S. Greenberg
Councilor-at-Large 1 Nicole Castillo
Councilor-at-Large 1 Alison Leary
School Committee 1 Bridget Ray-Canada
School Committee 1 Kathleen Marchi
Ward Councilor 2 Emily Norton
Councilor-at-Large 2 Jake Auchincloss
Councilor-at-Large 2 Braden J. Houston
Councilor-at-Large 2 Susan Albright
School Committee 2 Margaret Albright
School Committee 2 Cyrus Karl Vaghar
* Ward Councilor 3 *Barbara Brousal-Glaser
Councilor-at-Large 3 James Cote
Councilor-at-Large 3 Andrea Kelley
School Committee 3 Anping Shen
Ward Councilor 4 Jay Harney
Councilor-at-Large 4 Josh Krintzman
Councilor-at-Large 4 Leonard J. Gentile
School Committee 4 Diana Fisher Gomberg
Ward Councilor 5 John Rice
Councilor-at-Large 5 Andreae Downs
Councilor-at-Large 5 Brian Yates
Councilor-at-Large 5 Deborah Crossley
Ward Councilor 6 Richard Blazar
Ward Councilor 6 Brenda J. Noel
Councilor-at-Large 6 Victoria Danberg
School Committee 6 Ruth Goldman
Ward Councilor 7 R. Lisle Baker
Councilor-at-Large 7 Marc Laredo
Councilor-at-Large 7 Rebecca Walker Grossman
School Committee 7 Kathleen Shields
Ward Councilor 8 Cheryl Lappin
Councilor-at-Large 8 David Kalis
Councilor-at-Large 8 Richard Lipof
School Committee 8 Matthew Miller

* Candidate has sufficient certified signatures but has not returned all required forms to be on ballot. 

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