And now for something completely different ….

The Newton Nomadic Theater reason for being is theater and over the last three years we have done some first rate theater.  From the start though we’ve always loved the idea of using the theater as an umbrella for all sorts of other things.  At this point, our Nomad Story Slams are a local institution (we just held the 11th one last Friday).  We’ve hosted a film premier (The Winding Stream).  We’ve presented various musical performers (Emerald Rae, Andrew Cook, Newton North’s The Newtones).

Now we’ve got something new in store, and you’re going to like it – The Cabtivist.

John McDonagh has been a New York cab driver for the last 35 years.  I think he’s been involved in more crazy situations then anyone I’ve ever met … and he is hysterically funny.   His one man show “The Cabtivist” weaves together all kinds of stories with real world video in a way that will have you gasping for breath, you’ll be laughing so hard.   Said the New York Daily News – “Cabbie John McDonagh takes passengers and theatergoers on a hell of a ride”

That’s just what happened last Friday.  John made a special appearance at our Nomad Story Slam as the featured guest.  He did a 5 minute excerpt from The Captivist that had the crowd roaring.  His tale of how he ended up going head-to-head with FoxNews and the video of a bewildered Neal Cavuto reacting to him had the audience howling … and that’s before he got to how he found himself running through the FoxNews studio with half the staff in hot pursuit.  Trust me, that story is just a tip of John’s storytelling iceberg.

We’ll be presenting The Cabtivist for two nights only.  Friday April 28 at Gregorian Rugs and Saturday April 29 at Patty Simon’s Studio In Newton Highlands.  We’re nearly certain these shows will sell out, so don’t wait to get your tickets.  You won’t be disappointed.

Tickets ($20) and more info here.

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