Newton City Councilor Ted Hess-Mahan posted this on his list serve today…

“I neglected to send out an email reminder yesterday that it was a year ago March 1 that the awful car crash occurred at Sweet Tomatoes in West Newton. We were able to get the city to install crash resistant bollard at the intersection of Chestnut and Washington, but the store has been board up for a year now. Today, as I walked past the store, I saw that someone has placed flowers and a sign that says “we remember you” in front of the store. I was also pleased to see and talk to a crew who were removing and replacing the windows. A building permit has been issued and plans filed with the city to repair and rebuild the store. I have reached out to the owner to find out whether and when she plans to reopen Sweet Tomatoes in West Newton.

“Sweet Tomatoes was an important part of the West Newton community for years, and I have heard from many, many people who look forward to it reopening. When and if it reopens, I hope you will all drop in and say welcome back and buy some pizza. This has been a long and difficult year for the owners, employees, customers, and the victims of the crash as well as the families and friends of those who were lost. I ask you to keep them all in your thoughts and prayers.”

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