Back in November, the Newton Nomadic Theater held its 10th Nomad Story Slam one Saturday night at Gregorian Rugs.  We invited anyone who wanted to come tell a five minute true story, about something that happened to them.   The theme of the night was “that was oddand these are the stories.  This one was a highlight for me, and very timely too.

Here are 16 new stories (below) for your viewing/listening pleasure.

Special thanks to our video team – Chris Pitts, Maureen Reilly-Meaher, Chris Thayer, and James DeBenedictus – particularly Chris who edited it all.

The next Nomad Story Slam isn’t scheduled yet but will most likely be sometime in early March.  Join our mailing list and we’ll let you know as soon as it is scheduled.

The Stories (click on titles):

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