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Want to vote in the preliminary election on Sept. 17 that will narrow the field from five to four candidates for alderman/city council at large?

If so, note that the deadline to register is Friday Aug. 28. But lucky for you, it’s now possible to register online  by going here and clicking on the “Register to Vote Online” button.

  • As a reminder, here’s the candidates who will appear on the city-wide ballot…
    Marcia T. Johnson               Alderman-at-Large, Ward 2
    Susan S. Albright                Alderman-at-Large, Ward 2
    Jacob Daniel Auchincloss   Alderman-at-Large, Ward 2
    Jessica C. Barton                 Alderman-at-Large, Ward 2
    Lynne Lise LeBlanc              Alderman-at-Large, Ward 2

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