A sign on Kensginton Street. In the distance you can see a few others.

A sign on Kensginton Street. In the distance you can see a few others.

Residents on Kensington Street in West Newton have apparently taken speed into their own hands. They printed up and posted signs that effectively change the speed limit to 15 mph. The signs read “15 MPH Please Drive Slowly!!!” That’s 5 mph slower than the school zone at Horace Mann Elementary School a couple of blocks away, which posts speeds of 20 mph when school is in session.

I asked around and was told that since the street often acts as a cut-through for people driving from Waltham Street to Watertown Street, they wanted to slow down speeding drivers. A neighbor told me that one person in the neighborhood asked others to put the signs in their yard, they did. As far as that resident understands, no one has complained and drivers seem to be slowing down.


The city also put up electronic signs that display speed at the corner of Kensington and Watertown Street with another facing the opposite direction a few blocks closer to West Newton Square, so speed is clearly an issue in the area. 2015-08-02 10.04.17

No one has complained about the signs, to my knowledge, and the resident I spoke with says that people appear to be driving slower, but I do wonder how legal this is and what would happen if other residents on other streets started doing the same thing.

A search of the city website doesn’t turn up any requests to the Traffic Council on the part of Kensington Street (a few things come up for Kensington Ave, but that’s a different location), but it’s possible I’m missing something.

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