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On tonight’s agenda at the Board of Aldermen are the results of the restructuring of Water & Sewer tiers and rates related to approval of the second-meter option. This document from the Friday Packet shows the proposed rates for HCF (hundred cubic feet) per quarter, as amended (once they knew how many people actually signed up for second meters): 05-04-15 Water-Sewer-Stormwater Rate Package – Executive

There are sample accounts that show the percent change vs FY15 rates at different levels of water usage. Some of which are large reductions, which I think must be accounts who opted for second meters, but that’s not really spelled out.

But to know how you will actually do under the new structure vs FY15, you need to plug your actual HCF from your water bills, and apply the rates for HCF in each tier. The FY15 rates are in this preliminary comparison FY2016-Proposed-water-sewer-stormwater-rates-1 as well as on your water bill.

Because the tier break points have changed, there are some anomalies, in that the some users at lower volumes will have higher percent increases in total cost than users at higher volumes. For example, here are some increases in combined water/sewer cost per quarter for different HCF, for customers without second meters:

1-10 HCF (lowest tier both years): 3.3% increase

20 HCF: 7.4%

25 HCF: 4.1%

60 HCF: 6.7%

70 HCF: 10.1%

200 HCF: 8.3%

The ‘related link’ below includes which alders voted for second meters, and which opposed. Whether the proposed rate structure meets their expectations I guess we’ll learn tonight.

Addendum: Here’s a chart, with FY15 in blue, FY16 in majenta. The lines with points show the total. Cost. I don’t know how to get rid of the extra straight lines, but I guess they show what a non-progressive rate structure would look like.

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