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mannysLooks like another frozen yogurt place is going into an odd spot on Watertown Street. This one is called Yogurt Beach and according to their site, they already have another Massachusetts location in Plainville.

This replaces the closed Manny’s Food Mart, which opened in the rebuilt site of Petrillo’s, a deli that had been there for as long as anyone can remember. This is an interesting location, as it’s two doors down from the Boys and Girls Club, a block from the Horace Mann Elementary School and around the corner from the huge sports-focused Albemarle Park. It’s not a high foot traffic site like Newtonville or West Newton Square, but does act as a central point for kids and families at certain times during the day.

I only went to Manny’s once, but if the Yelp reviews are to be believed, they had seem to have some service problems. The previous deli had an old charm. Or it was just old and run down, depends on your perspective. I did like their sandwiches, though.

Another frozen yogurt shop already exists not too far away in Newtonville right next to the Starbucks, and while¬†West Newton Square doesn’t yet have one, it does have an ice cream shop, coffee house, bakery and (this being New England) a Dunkin Donuts.

Though, I have to admit, I don’t love YoFresh, my son and I use it as an evening bike destination, so we would be happy with a better, cheaper, still-bikeable option. Many of the Yelp reviewers call out YoFresh for its lack of service (mostly staffed by teens) and its high prices. I can’t really argue with either point.

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