The Herald’s Margery Eagan as a nice portrait of 87-ear-old Marshall Sloane, founder of Century Bank and life-long Boy Scout, who flew to Texas last week to vote to end to the Scouts’ ban on gay troop members.

sloane, marshallDespite at least 3,600 calls to his answering machine, every one urging him to keep the ban, Marshall Sloane voted with the 61 percent majority that ended it Thursday. …

…“I was so proud. For three days straight maybe 50 people got up to give their point of view. This was very emotional. Plenty of old-timers threatened to quit,” said Sloane, believing himself to be the second oldest old-timer in the hall. “But there was no yelling, no screaming, no nastiness. For it or against it, when you finished speaking, you got a hand.”

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