Ed Hauben is the director of Newton Community Education.  That’s why we call him Newton Community Ed.  Over recent years he’s brought us several series on Mindfulness as well as a very wide range of courses for people of all ages.  Now he has some questions for you.

Newton Community Education (NCE) is a self-sustaining arm of Newton Public Schools that provides educational, social, cultural, and vocational programs to adults and children, using school facilities outside of school hours (and other facilities in Newton).  Self-sustaining; high quality; low cost:   Not bad.

Now NCE is stretching to envision its future.  In a few weeks, Ed and the NCE Commission will meet to review questions such as:

  • How can the mission of NCE be better accomplished?  What else should NCE be doing?
  • Do you have a different vision for NCE?  If so, what is it?
  • What programs and classes not yet offered should NCE offer?
  • What wild ideas might you have about NCE’s future?

Ed welcomes hearing your opinions and ideas.  Share them here — or if they’re too wild for Village 14 (!), you can email Ed directly.


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