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The Globe’s Deirdre Fernandes takes a deeper dive into allegations of vulgar and unprofessional behavior by former Newton Police Chief Chief Matthew Cummings that lead to his removal by Mayor Setti Warren in August.  She also reports that the city is now investigating  a second official, Police Captain Christopher Marzilli, for allegedly making “numerous inappropriate and sexual offensive comments” to a female officer while she was pregnant.

Here’s what Marzilli’s attorney told the Globe…

“[Marzilli] certainly does not make a practice of going around making any kind of statements as those alleged in the footnote.”

While Marzilli investigation is ongoing, Cummings dismissal hearing is set for Oct. 10.

Cummings is accused of calling his secretary a “bitch” and telling her see looked ” like a whore.” His secretary is accused of calling the chief an “idiot” for missing an appointment.  His lawyer (and others, including those who protested outside Mayor Warren’s reelection launch last week) say it was all part of the fun banter that took place at Newton Police Headquarters.

“I don’t think the [political correctness] requirements of our society have gotten to the point that people can’t have a sense of humor even in the workplace,” Cummings’ attorney said.

What do you think? Is this a case of political correctness going too far?  A horrifying discovery of  neanderthals in our midst? Or something somewhere in the middle?

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