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Updated: As Aldermen Ted notes in the comments, the public hearing on the developer’s special permit application is September, 11 at 7:00 PM in City Hall.

It’s hard to describe how right is the proposed replacement for the Skipjacks/International Bike complex on Needham St.

Skipjack/IBC site as proposed

Skipjack/IBC site currently

On the Skipjack side, what was a street front of half parking and half restaurant will be all storefront. On the IBC side, where there is a parking lot in nearly the full front set-back (the area between the street and the building) with what can only be charitably described as a dog’s breakfast of a sidewalk, there will be storefront. Along the whole site will be a generous sidewalk.

All parking will be in the back and shared. Five curbcuts* will be reduced to two, one of which is single lane.

The site will go from being one of the worst parcels to walk along to a parcel thatnicely defines the street and provides first-class pedestrian accommodations.

This is a significant improvement.

It’s not perfect, but let’s save criticisms for another day.

*Curbcuts as used here describes a break in the sidewalk for a parking lot driveway.

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