Hey folks, I just noticed that Sean’s post about sidewalks was the 200th thread on this blog since our launch in late November of 2011. Over that time we’ve had 1,382 comments, of which 1,379 were approved. According to Google, the site has had 15,978 unique visits and the average amount of time spent here is an above-average 3:38.  The most popular thread in terms of page views was about Franco Garcia, the second-most visited was about Denzel Horne.

These numbers aren’t huge, certainly it’s nothing compared to the kind of traffic the Newton TAB Blog used to get (I have no data for it these days), but it’s gratifying none-the-less.

Thanks to everyone who participates and visits here and who’ve joined us on Facebook and Twitter too. Special thanks to my fellow Village Idiots: Sean, Chuck, Jerry and to those who’ve  posted less frequently.   I’m also really excited about our latest edition, Newton Culture Fix.  We have no plans to turn this into a commercial venture but we do hope to keep growing and will be adding more voices and fearures in the weeks to come.

Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.